Jun 2, 2009

Ready for Nuclear War

I am ready for nuclear war. Are you?

If this was a National Emergency Drill that is actually expected to prepare us for anything, I am a monkeys uncle. I guess what it is good for is to see if the bomb shelters are ready and can hold the numbers of people they are meant to, emergency lighting, blocked stairwells, etc. But to prepare the people? this must not have been the point.

In my office building, of something like 40 floors, they gave us ample warning. So much warning, that by the time the siren went off, most people were already downstairs. They did not want to go down the stairs, so they went early by elevator. Or they just hung out in the stairwell and did not go all the way down.

I, on the other hand, figured if I am doing it, I might as well do it right. So I planned to go down all 22 flights to the bottom.

Sure enough, right before the siren went off, I was told I am an "Achrayee Delet" - I am responsible for one of the emergency doors, making sure people get out, and marking down whoever goes out through my door. That means I am one of the last out of my office. That also means in case of actual nuclear war, I am toast. Oh well, at least everyone else got out!

I did my duty, making sure the last few remaining people got out, and then ran down 22 flights of stairs in about 3.5 minutes. It took a bit longer than expected because of people congregating in the stairwell at different parts. Also emergency lights were out in certain sections, and that caused a logjam, as people had to go slow in the pitch black stairwell in those sections.

After hanging around underground for about 20 minutes or so, we got the all-clear and went back up. We had to climb about 4 flights to get to ground level, and then took the elevators up. I considered running up the 22 flights, but then decided I did not want to risk a heart attack. So I took the elevator.

I have heard that plenty of places did not even hear the siren... the following was posted to the local email list:

If you did NOT hear the siren at 11:00 AM today, you are instructed to telephone the Home Front Command by dialing: 1207.

This is posted on the Home Front Command Web site at: http://www.oref.org.il/14-en/PAKAR.aspx


  1. I study in a Michlalah in J-m and they told us to ignore the siren - that there isnt even enough room in the miklat since they use it as a machsn. SO I guess if it were an actual nuclear war, I would be toast as well.

  2. it's a good thing you are in shape. i told you that all the marathon training would pay off.


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