Jun 21, 2009

Modern Day Prophet

In today's newspaper, Yisrael HaYom, there was a short article about how Shari Arrison, the owner of Bank HaPoalim, claims to have some sort of level of prophecy.

She said that she receives messages in her sleep via messages, images and words, and they have always come true. An example she gave was the global economic meltdown, claiming she received messages about it in advance and knew it was coming.

Arrison says regarding the future that she has seen that people will go crazy (?), and planes will fall from the sky. Her words of wisdom are that there is nothing to fear from these messages - before anything good happens, bad things happen. We are in the days preceding the "geulah". Right now we are in the days of dark, and the days of light are coming.

She also seems to have some delusion of grandeur, as she says she is not interested in. money and physical possessions... These are not things you can take to the grave. She is interested in issues of the heart (spirituality). Arrison says she could have sold everything and sat on the beach all day every day. Yet she did not because she knows that her "job" is to ensure continued human existence.

1. If she does not care about her money and physical possessions, I would be happy to take some of it off her hands. Even if she does not want to give me any, I would be happy even if she just covered my overdraft and loans!

2. Even if you reject her prophecy and consider her a nutcase, she gives a good mussar shmooze talking about impending geulah and physical possessions not being important!


  1. In case you were unaware of it, welcome to Shari's new age belief world:

    Essence of Life

    Men in white! Men in white!

  2. Arison is also mentioned in this 2 year old article.

    As you can see, there are no lack of mixed-up Jews.

  3. Not looking for handoutsJune 21, 2009 2:03 PM

    I don't know whether to laugh from the absurdity or cry from the sheer delusional behavior of this Jewish woman.

  4. It’s a limited generation that doesn’t accept that there are modern day prophets. If God is still God then He can still do what He has always done (Amos 3:7 - Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.) T.B. Joshua is a modern day prophet who’s powers of prophecy are undeniable. www.scoan.org


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