Jun 30, 2009

Interesting Posts #32

1. Esser Agaroth talks about the film "Rise of the Right".

2. The way Something Different describes vacation, makes me just not want to go....

3. Despite the concerns of Something Different, Startup Wife Abbi, a.k.a. Commenter Abbi, is goign to Greece for vacation. Enjoy!

4. Another Airbus plane crashed - perhaps because of the automated systems on the plane. Dror compares flying on automatic rather than retaining full control...in our practice of Judaism.

5. The Jewish Worker shows how the statement "Chodosh Assur min HaTorah" is no longer relevant.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I was going to submit it as an "interesting post" but didn't have time in the afternoon. I'm glad you found it.

    I also noticed it was another Airbus that crashed. What is up with those planes? Isn't it the company's job to build planes that stay up in the air?

    I hope our El Al flight to Athens is not on an Airbus. :/


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