Jun 17, 2009

Senator Menendez on Israel (video)

Senator Bob Menendez setting Obama straight about Israel, on the Senate floor


  1. thanks Rafi. In fact, all my grandparents were living here in British Mandate Palestine significantly before the State of Israel was established.

  2. I'd replace Netanyahu with Menendez within a minute.

  3. Lets get this guy to give that speech to the Knesset. I think WE forgot the things that he said.

  4. Nice speech, but both Netanyahu and Menendez neglect to point out the other, and just as important, side of the coin. That is, while the Jews' historical connection and rights to the land of Israel has existed for thousands of years, the modern day Palestinians' demand for national independence is less than a century old.

    Now which senator will get up and give Obama a history lesson about the Palestinians?


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