Jun 17, 2009

Considerate neighbors are the best

It must be nice to have good neighbors who are so concerned about you that they make up such nice brochures and put them in your mailbox...

The residents of Sheinfeld neighborhood closest to the Kirya Hareidi were zoche to find these brochures in their mailbox. I hope the people who distributed were dressed appropriately for the Sheinfeld area and chose to be considerate to the local styles and sensitivities...


  1. Those posters look pretty expensive. They must have some serious sponsorship for this blitz...

  2. they were not posters, but a folded brochure. these are the 3 folds of the brochure

  3. From what I understand this is the only one they managed to distribute. The Chareidi "mailman" was caught putting it into one of the first mailboxes and was chased all the way back to Bet.

  4. Menachem,

    They came back the next morning and delivered to all of row 13 on Rechov Gad.

  5. i cant read what it sats.

    what does it say?

    goyim, shkotzim, yankee go home?

  6. was this paid for out of the funds donated to the kupa? just wondering.


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