Jun 4, 2009

Interesting Posts #15

1. Free Thought on Dissenters, DoubleThinkers, and Charedi society. I found it a bit complicated to follow (i.e. I actually had to pay attention to what I was reading!), but his point is very good.

2. Israeli Uncensored News talks about the Israeli Land Administration reforms bill, and the fight over it.

3. Zionism and the State of Israel has the scoop on the first Orthodox Rabbinical ordination in Germany in 70 years...

4. Chaviva looks at similarities between 3:16 and 613...

5. Something Different lists her top ten peeves of things she hates at weddings...


  1. I am not saying that moderation is or isnt a good value, but who said that Chareidim are "into" it? I dont get his whole post?

    Chareidim stand for doing whats right - even against the whole world. Not for compromise. In fact, that is one of their tainas against DL and MO - that they compromise on our (and their) ikar value system.

    If you hold moderation is wrong, that a chareidi wont compromise to get to it.

    That and the fact that chareidim follow the Gedolei Yisroel on "hanhagas hatzibbur" - and not what each individual doing whatever he thinks is correct or makes more sense.

  2. Anonymous (is it too much to ask posters to use distinguishing names/nics?), where does that author recommend compromising Torah and Halacha?


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