Jun 9, 2009

Interesting Posts #18

1. According to Kaplan's Korner, the National closed the Kosher Kiosk at the stadium....

2. The Jewish Side spent some time with her boys in yeshiva...

3. Joe Settler discusses an interesting law proposed, granted it has no chance of passing, to impose sanctions on the US...

4. Lion of Zion presents two more questions in his series of how to shop for a yeshiva...


  1. Thanx for the link and for thinking its interesting.

  2. Off topic but I was wondering... (being that I am traveling to Israel next week be"h). What is the difference between a restaurant that has a mehadrin hashgacha (like Cafe Rimon or Big Apple Pizza) versus restaurants that have plain Rabbinut hashgacha (I am talking about in Jerusalem). Is there an issue of at least relying on rabbinut yerushalayim for milchig/pareve foods?

  3. ZB, Mehadrin is what it sounds like. Not getting into the argument of Mehadrin standards good and bad, it means that all products used and served, from spices to toppings, must have a supervision from an organization which the Jerusalem Rabbinate deems as completely reputable, and up to the Mehadrin standards established by the Jerusalem Rabbinate.

    In contrast, take a regular hechsher Chalavi restaurant in Jerusalem - or anywhere else in Israe;, for that matter. The Rabbanut will allow them to use anything that has an import approval certificate from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (national rabbinate).

    The non-Mehadrin standard of Israel's Chief Rabbinate is practically "anything goes". That includes relying on any halachic lenient opinion under the sun, which could cover products such as hard cheeses and gelatins, which many of us would not touch with a 10 amah pole.

    It means almost any Joe Shmoe who supervises a product, whether in Laos, Peru or Kamchatka, whom none of us have ever heard of before, will most likely receive the approval label from the Chief Rabbinate. All such products qualify to be used in a non-Mehadrin facility.

    You'll find some more information by browsing through older entries at Jerusalem Kosher News - highly recommended.

    Personally, I eat a Jerusalem Mehadrin restaurants.


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