Jun 14, 2009

Interesting Posts #21

1. CosmicX lets us all know about the previously unknown, or lesser known, side of Merkaz HaRav terrorist incident hero Rav Yitzchak Daddon...

2. SuperRaizy weighs in on the Obama shoe photo and pressure on Netanyahu.

3. Achas L'Maalah describes the life of a salesman..

4. Ima on the Bima has Haveil Havalim #221...

5. Holy Exposures clarified some long standing rumors about the new mall in RBS. Looks like they were true despite previous denials.


  1. I am greatly and deeply disappointed the you would choose to post a link to Acahs L'Maala and a piece supposedly written by that internationally unkown Ytizchak. His biased, right wing clap-trap, and is beneath LIFE IN ISRAEL; why not just keep a permanent link to Limbaugh if you want to promote, edited videos, half-truths, dishonest political discussion? You should remove this tripe.

  2. Yay! I made it into an "Interesting Posts" post!
    Awww, Rafi, you're the best.

  3. Hey, Opa, can you please explain your accusations. I just went over for a quick glance at Achas L'Maala and like what I saw.

    Why are you saying I should avoid it like a pandemic?


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