Jun 9, 2009

a secular pashkevil

Here is an unusual sight - the secular in Jerusalem are using pashkevils to fight back against the haredim trying to keep parking lots closed on shabbos...


  1. I don't blame them one bit either (the chilonim). Not that it will make any difference...

  2. Amazing! Kol Hakavod to them!


  3. it is an interesting phenomenon, and I am against the violent reaction by the Eida people, and the chilul shabbos is happening regardless of the parking lot as everyone is driving anyway - it is just a matter of whether the parking is safe or not, but I am uncomfortable supporting chilul shabbos.

  4. Rafi,

    This was done in such a menschlich way. The mayor consulted with Rabbis. The parking lot was open, free of charge, so no money would be taken, and it was being attended by non-Jews. Though I'm sure many Jews will use this facility, there are many non-Jewish tourists who require such accommodation. I can't even see how one could say that this "supports chilul shabbos".

    I hope the mayor continues to stand up to these goons.


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