Jun 23, 2009

Interesting Posts #28

1. Esser Agaroth does not think mustaches are very Jewish...

2. Open Minded Torah witnessed an accident, and got a different perspective..

3. Our Shiputzim has the Israeli Bridge to Nowhere...

4. Not Brisker yeshivish has an interesting, and perhaps surprising, story from the Hazon Ish.

5. A Soldiers Mother started a project of tweeting for Gilad Shalit for this Thursday..


  1. Brisker dude is an illiterate spammer. I hate those.

  2. da jew - i don't even know what that means. feel free to email me offline

  3. I like the idea of tweeting for Gilad, let's see if it helps.

    At first i didn't understand what a 'hashtag' was -it sounds like a hebrew word. The verb to put a hashtag on your tweet would be "lehashtag"?

  4. Who has a mustache anyway?

    Americans, Russian gyim, Arabs, mamlakhtim

    See? Not Jewish.

    Re: The Hazon Ish. There is a joke in Bnel Braq: "The Hazon Ish said more things dead than while alive."

    I'll have to check that post {and see if JDJ is right}


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