Jun 17, 2009

Delay in constructions of RBS C/G/3

Whatever side of the battle lines you were on for the future division and construction of RBS C/G/3/Gimmel, this should interest you...

According to the bhol charedi news site, a lot of grave sites have been found in the area slated for C/G/3/Gimmel during excavations and infrastructure preparations.

This will, at minimum, cause a delay of months, if not years or if not forcing the scrapping of the whole project, before anything can proceed. They have to investigate the graves and possible solutions. And only if they find reasonable solutions will they be able to begin dealing with the area.

I don't know what the situation is or what solutions would be acceptable, but it would be a shonda if the Asra Kadisha wrote this off as easy to solve just so the haredi construction could proceed, while they refuse to implement any solution for the Ashkelon Hospital that is waiting to build a secured emergency room, or other times they protest every time they find bones...

I have no problem with them finding a solution for this, but if solutions are available, they should also be available in other similar instances.


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