Jun 9, 2009

What Obama Taught Me....

The NY Post columnist Ralph Peters learned the following lessons from the Obama Cairo speech:

There is no more terrorism.

Wow, cool! No more security checks at airports, right? It's unclear which side won, but it's all over. Obama didn't mention terrorism a single time in his star-turn speech in Cairo. Only a few "violent extremists" (our own troops?) remain at large.

America tortured.

I thought there was still a debate about that, but I guess not. And no regime in the Middle East tortures anybody, ever. Our bad.

Churches and synagogues are about to open in Saudi Arabia. Since "Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance" and there are "over 1,200 mosques within our borders," I can't wait for the first Baptist hymn-sing in Riyadh. Sign me up!

Behind closed doors with Saudi King Abdullah, our president must've mentioned the many hundreds of churches and synagogues that thrived on the Arabian Peninsula during the Prophet's lifetime. Muslims zealots destroyed them. Time to get the bin Laden family's construction firm on the job re-building!

And stoning converts who leave Islam to death is a no-no, right?

Very interesting column...check out the whole thing...


  1. “Israel is the LORD’S hallowed portion, His first-fruits of the increase; all that devour him shall be held guilty, evil shall come upon them, saith the LORD.”
    - Jeremiah 2:3

    A Jewish response to Obama’s Cairo speech

  2. ...I hope the evil comes before the devouring...better yet, I hope they do teshuva and never come to devouring...

  3. he accepted the entire arab line that Israel is simply a payment for a European crime and is essentially iilegitimate.

    Also, the canard that arab humiliation (sic is equivalent with the etzem concept of a Jewish state. Of course had they agreed to the UN partition plan in 48 as well as all subsequent Israeli peace offers they would never have been displaced in the first place.

    And what about the displacement of almost 1 million Jews from Arab Lands, rak Shas!, and their humiliation. WHy does that not count.

    The man is a clever antisemite who knows how to couch his hatred in terms that are decieving.

    SHame on the Jews of the US who continue to support him.


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