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Jun 18, 2009

Wedding at the Me'ara!

Last night was the first time I had ever been to a wedding at Me'arat HaMachpela in Hebron. I have heard such weddings are beautiful, but I had never before been at one.

Last night, I finally merited to be at such a wedding, and it was amazing. The setting was beautiful in all regards; physically, the atmosphere, spiritually, it was meaningful, and it was fun (and the food was great!).

The pix I snapped are not great, as they were on my cellphone camera, but this is what I got...

The music was by Sinai Tor who was absolutely amazing. he was entertaining, he was rocking, he was leibedik, and it was great quality music.

If you should have an opportunity to go to a wedding there, don't miss it!

And tonight I have another wedding, this one in the Old City of Jerusalem!


  1. Mazel Tov!

    How fitting that the wedding of David Morris's daughter should take place at the Me'ara..the resting place of Avraham and Sorah, the avos that instilled the midda of chesed into Klal Yisrael and the world.

    David is a "sar shel chesed' and the pillar of kindness in RBS.

    Just like Avraham and Sorah his chesed is "color blind" and extends to anyone in need.

    Those recent detractors of this fine man and example of a ben Torah should know that the zchuyot of David's chesed for Jewish people will stand well for him.

    Your attacks on David and Lema'an Achai will raise the ire of Avraham Avinu who has a "direct line" to the Kisay HaKavod of HKB''H.

  2. let's not ruin a nice post about a beautiful wedding by bringing up the other stuff.

  3. Rafi-

    I second this! I was at this wedding and it was simply amazing.

    Let's concentrate on the beauty of any simcha and especially one of a beautiful family at the Me'ara.

  4. We have been to 1 such wedding at the Machpela. Indeed a special experience.


    I was zoche to be there too!

    I found the combination of the awesome Maara (with the Avot + Imahot), and the beautiful simchadich Wedding (with the Morrises - these MOST special people) - was deeply moving and so so appropriate.

    On behalf of our whole community, I wish the Morris Family - and Shira in particular - every Mazal & Bracha.

    Mazal tov Shira and Daniel (Landsberg)!



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