Jun 11, 2009

Who is the shooter?

This 89 year old White Supremacist guy, James Von Brunn, who shot a security guard at the Washington Holocaust Museum?

He looks an awful lot like Jack Bauer to me...

[caveat: this post is humorous. I am not saying Jack Bauer is an anti-semite]


  1. He published a book, so to speak. This is the title and cover text:

    “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!”(THE TALMUD: Sanhedrin 59)

    Go ahead and look for the quote. It's not there.

  2. Ver iz di mentsh Bauer. Ich hot nit gehert fun im kein mol, mein gantz vider.

    Kenst ir mevayer zein eppis

  3. he looks good for 89. who has jurisdiction for crimes committed in Washington DC? i don't suppose that he will get the death penalty? DC is probably too liberal for that, right?

  4. Ben - I thought that as well. it is probably not his most recent picture.
    DC might be too liberal, but Obama is from Illinois, and Illinois has the death penalty, so perhaps Obama is ok with it.

  5. from a quick search it seems Obama is generally in favor of capital punishment.

  6. Um, the President of the United States doesn't get to give the thumbs down and shout "off with his head"!

    Not yet, at least.

  7. If you hate the Jews, you'll make it all up. Isn't that how anti-Semites justify their feelings of paranoia and persecution?

  8. I saw the photo and thought the same thing. Totally Jack Bauer. Speaking of which, I thought haredim don't watch TV. How do you know about 24 :)

  9. I dont even own a tv. but Bauer is so famous who needs a tv to know who he is???

  10. You do know that Jack Bauer is a fictional character, don't you?



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