May 4, 2021

donating Chai

The Necht Foudnation, led by Marius Necht (co-founder of Checkpoint, among other things) and his wife Inbra Necht (lawyer) has decided to donate 18,000nis per family to each of the 45 families of victims of the Meron tragedy.

After hearing that many of the families are suffering financially, exacerbated by the tragedy, they decided to advance this direct line of assistance. They said they will transfer the money to each family's bank account directly.

Over the past year, they have been behind many initiatives funding health and cultural activities, including putting 3.5 million shekels in funding to assist 700 "behind the scenes" workers in the music industry.

Necht Foundation Spokesperson Nachman Rosenberg is quoted as saying that the Nechts decided on this initiative - as soon as they heard about the tragedy they felt an ethical and Zionistic obligation to find a way to help, and to strengthen the sense of co-responsibility for each other.

Amazing initiative 

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