Sep 10, 2009

BBc video on rabbinical influence in the army

The BBC has a very interesting video about the rise of rabbinic power in the Israeli military...
(sorry, but they don't provide any embedding code)

It is a very interesting perspective. The rabbis have always been involved, especially in providing motivation before battle. They have taken on a role similar to that of the "Kohen Mashuach Milchama". Probably their influence has increased in recent years as we have seen the whole right wing take more prominent roles in the army.

With the whole justification for our being here being based on the Torah and Hashem bequeathing the land to us, there at least should be a minimal aspect of Torah guided direction. We are Jews, not a western democratic a-religious country.

And just because rabbis are involved to some degree, that does not make war or battle similar to a jihad. We have only gone to war when under attack, to relieve us of the terror reigned on us.


  1. I blogged about this a few weeks ago: had a news wire piece about this issue.

  2. notice that they translate the chaplain's statement that his job is "l'oded et haruach" - the job of every military chaplain, here in the US too - as to "boost the fighting spirit of the soldiers"

    what bias.


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