Sep 9, 2009

Lost (video)

Israel has turned out a new campaign to fight anti-semitism in the Diaspora... Here is the commercial playing on tv as the beginning of the campaign gets underway.

It played on Israel TV, and the point seems to be for people to call the Jewish Agency and give them names of people to contact abroad and try to get them connected. Maybe they should be advertising in the target countries, and try to attract those people directly...


  1. Last I heard, they discontinued the campaign because many lost Jews protested being described as "lost".

    Mark :-)

  2. Maybe Israel's first priority should be the looking out for the Jews who are 'lost' in Israel.
    (Like the Belev Echad kiruv program in the moshavim around Bet Shemesh - they're doing wonderful work. Wouldn't it be great if this became a national initiative?)

  3. I heard on the radio thins morning that the Conservative movement here in Israel is lodging a protest against the program since they feel it will take their customers away from their temples in the US.


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