Sep 14, 2009

Interesting Posts #74

1. Benjo Lovitt has finally made the sequel to his hilarious Tu B'Av video. He is back now with a new video for the New Year. Watch it, it's hilarious..

2. Parshablog discusses gedolim who mispredict the keitz...

3. The Yeshiva Guy is a good writer with an interesting style. Here he writes about the candy man and the march of progress...

4. The 2nd Jbloggers conference was yesterday. It was fun, some of the speeches were great, some were boring, etc. I am not writing about it, but will link to a couple others who did. Akiva didn't like the attitude of the Israeli PR people toward what they expect of bloggers. I agree with him, but unfortunately he left early and I think he would have liked Ron Dermer's speech which was vastly different form the others.
Batya was not satisfied either with various aspects. I would not have expected them to promote twoozer just because it is a jewish version of twitter. if twoozer wanted the promotion, they could have been sponsors of the conference. Anyway, nobody was promoting tweeter either - they were simply giving a panel on how to use a popular social network medium - twoozer's use is the same...
I agree with Batya about the first panel. I didn't enjoy it either. but at a conference it is common that not every speaker will be great, interesting or even to the point. So the first panel wasn't that good. The rest of it was very good to great.

RivkA was there too and offers her thoughts. She would go simpler if she were arranging it..

5. Artzeinu Blog considers, and talks to Rav Leff, whether we should be encouraging mass aliyah..


  1. Benjo? BENJO??? Well, it's better than Ben-Gay, I guess...

    The Chanukkah one last year was the sequel but I didn't like it so much.

    Did someone mention chumus?

  2. sorry about that, but it is also better than bonji

  3. Thanks for the link. Honestly, what I really missed was the raffle. Last year we won the waffle maker, and I was wondering what we could win this year....

  4. haha! I forgot all about that!


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