Sep 15, 2009

Interesting Posts #75

1. Chana argues with Rav Avigdor Miller's approach...

2. Tzedek-Tzedek points to similar reports of abuse in Lakewood and how the leaders deal with it.

3. The Kosher Kook had a bbq at 8500 feet! BBQ is always good no matter how high or low you are...

4. Kaplan's Korner has the Jewish football players for us, not that NFL season has begun.

5. Yeranen Yaakov talks about the simanim we eat on Rosh Hashana. And Rabbi Enkin discusses the custom of avoiding sour/bitter foods. Esser Agaroth also has some symbolic foods for Rosh Hashana.

6. Musings of a Meidel has 2 great posts - one on her tzniyus barometer, and how attitudes toward tzniyus change when girls get back from sem to the real life. The seocnd is a timely story she quotes from the Holocaust about Rabbi Meisels who risked his life in the camps to blow shofar.

7. This one is surprising. A post on Cross-Currents about the need, socially and halachically, to say the Prayer for the Governments (yes, including Israel).


  1. B"H

    Hey, thanks for the link!


    Shanah Tovah.

  2. Prayer for the Israeli government?

    I am happy to pray for HaShem to grant them guidance. I can't think of what else I'd pray for them.


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