Sep 18, 2009



If you would rather NOT help over 1,000 people come through then out of their crisis.

That is, if you don't wish to give your tzedaka wisely.

We still want to be charitable although for many there is less to give. Can we in fact make a big impact if we have less to give? Lema'an Achai. Smart Chesed. Maximize your tzedaka by solving problems of Poverty. Rather than merely perpetuating it.

To date Lema'an Achai has assisted scores of families who came to us impoverished and left with the tools to become self sufficient with honor and dignity.

Lema'an Achai is your organziation. Your tzedaka helping Your neighbors in Your community.

Please donate by calling 9999933 24/6 or visit our website:

Thank you for your support. Warmest wishes for a Sweet New year.


  1. Kol Hakavod Lemaán Achai!

    A tzedaka that helps everybody and makes this city a better place to live!

  2. I support Lema'an Achai because the help it delivers is also backed by firm principles.

  3. I support them because there are those who loudly oppose them.

    When the yetzer hara comes and tells you NOT to support a tzedaka it can only mean that such a tzedaka is doing things right and fulfilling the will of HaShem.

  4. What does Rabbi Malinowitz say about LA? Has he altered his support in ANY way in the past year or so? If so, why?

    Please update us.

  5. Former BTYA MemberSeptember 18, 2009 12:40 PM

    Yes Rabbi Malinowitz has altered "cheremed" Lemaán Achai from his shul?

    Why, you ask?

    Because David Morris, a tzadik and oved for the klal, made a statement about the rampage of abuse in our city and that there are community leaders who sometimes put the suspects before the kids.

    Feeling guilty, Rav Malinowitz not only attacked David but Lemaán Achai and the families that they support as well.

    I read the article" many times and have yet to see Rav Malinowitz or any other rav named.

    I feel that the wiser and more mature response would have been to come out with a statement describing how community leaders have dealt with the issue.

    The attack on Mr.Morris and Lemaán Achai was a knee jerk reaction which leaves me with more questions than answers about certain rabbonim in our city.

    Punishing poor people is no way to deal with child abuse.


  6. Former BTYA: "to come out with a statement describing how community leaders have dealt with the issue."

    I think that was the intention of the Jonathan Rosenblum JPost article.

    However, it backfired, by Rosenblum attacking David Morris's ground-breaking (and courageous) work in this field, and by slighting Lema'an Achai.

    Roesenblum also seemed to confirm the very behavior patterns which Morris had criticized - such as NOT taking alleged molesters out of the classroom, and, on the other hand of chasing other alleged molesters out of the neighborhood.

    Both of which are discredited methodologies for dealing with allegations of child abuse. (Heard of the Catholic Church?!)


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