Sep 9, 2009

Interesting Posts #71

1. Muqata has a photo from the NBN landing ceremony. I think he must have sponsored it...

2. nAliyah spent a shabbos in Efrat..

3. A Yeshivishe Harry has a story of the Ponivizher Rav..

4. Lost in Kollel comments on the annual pilgrimage to Uman..

5. Coffee and Chemo makes the case for separate bedrooms. hmmm, and I thought I already had posted the Chumra of the month....

6. CosmicX points out a little mentioned fact about the recent murder in Ramat Gan...


  1. Thanks for the link Rafi. Did you see that post after the update?

  2. Another thanks for the link! And an interesting Shabbat in Efrat it was, indeed! :)


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