Sep 30, 2009

Calling all RBS locals

If you are able to volunteer to help out for a couple of hours with the Keren Lev Yisrael sale tonight, or any other distribution week, should call Danny on 050-415-4444.

They are in need of volunteers to help out. Especially tonight, but also in general.


  1. Rafi,
    Do you have to register every week for this sale like you had to do before RH, or can you just go and shop?
    Is the sale only on Wednesday nights? What are the hours of the sale?
    Just curious - why do you think not everyone takes advantage of this sale?

  2. 1. you only need to register once, but you need to call in your order in advance any week in which you wish to purchase through KLY. the ordering deadline is generally Monday evening for a Wednesday distribution.

    2. generally it is Wednesday nights, but has on occasion been changed. Generally they put up signs around the neighborhood in buildings and shuls with announcements when the schedule, or the sale, is unusual. They also sometimes email the schedule out in advance, and sometimes they include what is available for ordering so you are better prepared for the phone ordering system.

    3. you'd have to ask them. Maybe some people don't know about it. Maybe some think it is only for people receiving tzedaka. Maybe some are against it for reasons I mentioned in my previous post on the subject (or for other reasons). Maybe some just prefer to go to the store and buy what they need rather than think about it in advance. Maybe some are worried about what they will get by ordering over the phone without seeing it in front of them..

  3. How do you get email from them?

  4. 1. when you register, you can also give an email address.
    2. I think they have sent a coule of messages to the rbs list (or it wa sent by someone on their behalf)
    3. it was sent out on my shul email list once or twice I think

    I dont really remember, but it was probably a combination of the above 3.


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