Sep 10, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

[I am] satisified with the fact that the Supreme Court headed by Justice Beinish, who never hid her aversion to the millions of settlers and religous in the country, will now be acting with equality and assist against their will the destructions of thousands of Arab homes around the country that were built illegally and against the policies of the State of Israel.
I also bless the fact that the Peace Now movement, that prefers to destroy the homes of Jews around the country that built with the approval and assistance of the governments of Israel, will now with their own hands be responsible for the destruction of thousands of Arab homes that were built illegaly.

------ MK Yaakov Katz, a.k.a Ketzaleh (Ichud Leumi)

Ketzaleh said this after a court decision was rendered in the petition filed by "Regavim" obligating the State to destroy a number of illegally built Arab homes. The court said that the State is enforcing the law of illegal construction unevenly and they have to destroy the homes that were petitioned.

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