Sep 30, 2009

introducing the Lulav Guidance System

In light of the recent increase in rocket attacks, we at LII are speeding up production of our Lulav Guidance System (TM) prototype to begin importing lulavs from Gaza immediately in time to have cheap lulavs for the holiday.

Here is the first image to be displayed in public...


  1. Don't forget to shake it first to activate it...

    forward, right, back, left, up, down, boom.

  2. This is terrible news. I for one will not buy a lulav with the "hechsher" of Hamas, and won't give terrorists money for their branches. Buy a lulav from Shalit's captors, no way!!. Do we know what they will do to the lulavs before we get them? I could not make a bracha on such a thing. I'll buy from the Jordan valley even if it costs more. But shame on the sellers for raising the prices, and making a cartel, and bringing us to this. A chillul Hashem.


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