Sep 21, 2009

Interesting Posts #78

1. The Muqata with a weekend news roundup...

2. Mystical Paths on the Rosh Hashana rains in Israel..

3. A Mother in Israel with the latest tzniyus idiocy in Jerusalem....

4. While I was skipping Rosh Hashana postings, this one by Musings of a Maidel is fairly unique. She ended up having jury duty right before Rosh Hashana, giving her a unique perspective of Yom HaDin...

5. Muse is hosting Haveil Havalim #235


  1. Regarding the tzniut "ruling":
    Rav Kanievsky would NEVER say such a thing. Someone goes to him and says something like:

    “l’chvod ha Rav; would the Rav say that a tzanua should try to be friends with other tzanuas”
    The Rav says, “why not?”
    The first guy goes home and makes a whole story about seperate benches

  2. that is probably pretty similar to how it actually went down


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