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Sep 25, 2009

Rocked up Hatikvah (video)

Here's a rendition of Hatikvah that you probably have never heard before


  1. Reminiscent of Brian May's rendition of God Save the Queen from atop Buckingham Palace at the Queen's jubilee. (Look it up on youtube.)

    Also nice to see everyone singing along.

  2. Shalom, Cherry Hill, NJSeptember 25, 2009 6:57 PM

    If anyone wants some great music that has a very similar rendition of Hatikvah, check out Even Sh'siyah'a album 'The Way Jews Rock'. Generally, they remind me more of the Grateful Dead, not heavy metal. All 3 albums are great-- website is http://thewayjewsrock.com/music.htm

  3. All channeling Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock

    Joel Rich

  4. They must be playing for a Neturei Karta crowd because everyone was holding up the devil sign

  5. That sounded awful. People pay to listen to that noise?

  6. You just made me feel really old!

    Gmar chatima tova


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