Sep 10, 2009

Interview with Yoelish Krausz about violent protests (video)

VIN interviewed Yoelish Krausz, self-appointed (perhaps) Ops Chief of the Eidah, about the violent Shabbos protests. A lot of what he says is simply shocking.


  1. i am sorry but this point of view is way beyond anything i can comprehend or want to comprehend.

  2. he doesn't seem like the sharpest pencil in the box

  3. he held his own. he might not be the sharpest pencil, but how sharp does the pencil need to be to tell other radicals to go out and hate secular jews.

  4. since his job is to a) coordinate b) rabble rouse c) exude hatred he doesn't need to be sharp

    however after reading it again, he didn't hold his own. he is simply too wrapped up in his warped version of reality to allow anything in. frankly i wouldn't be surprised if he were the chareidi avi shai raviv


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