Sep 30, 2009

Calling their bluff

It is about time. Over the past few years, every time an Israeli politician, or former general, has wanted to go to many parts of Europe, England included, he has been threatened with lawsuits of human rights violations because of allegedly mistreating Palestinians.

Up until now, the politicians under threat, have always canceled their trips at the last moment after the UK Foreign ofice warns them that they might be arrested if they come to the country.

Finally, someone called their bluff. I don't normally like Ehud Barak too much, but today he made a good move. The Palestinians filed a lawsuit against Ehud Barak in England. The UK dudes warned Barak that he better hightail it out of there before they are forced to arrest him. Barak told them to take a hike - he is there for important meetings and he is not leaving.

Sure enough they didn't arrest him. The UK courts, put into this position by Barak's refusing to leave, finally had to deal with the situation rather than keep telling Israelis to stay out of the UK. And they decided they did not want to deal with the political ramifications of arresting Ehud Barak. So they said the case cannot be tried, as Barak has diplomatic immunity.

Barak 1 - Palestinians/UK 0


  1. But for Barak it's easier than for someone like Doron Almog, who did/does not have immunity. The diplomatic consequences of arresting Barak, as a current defense minister, would be catastrophic for England. Not so for Almog and others.

  2. Since my January Tour in Gaza I've traveled to the UK, Spain, Germany, and Brussels. I always wear my Kippa, my rubber Orange Gush Katif bracelet, and my IDF Officer Corps lapel pin.

    While in Spain, 1 week after returning from IDF reserve duty, I remember reading in the local Barcelona Paper that they were going to arrest IDF officers that had participated in the Gaza conflict.

    I thought it was pretty funny.

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel


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