Sep 14, 2009


Uchh. Who wants to write anything after the tragedy yesterday of Asaf Ramon's fatal plane crash?

And the pregnant mother of 10 who died yesterday of swine flu...

I'll get back in the mood soon (the previous post with the video was posted and scheduled already yesterday before I found out about the accident)...


  1. While we're on the issue of tragedies perhaps we should bring up the continued boycott of Lema'an Achai by a rav/shul in RBSA.

    Rafi, I know that you are connected to this rav and hence are sensitive but the time has come to be vocal on your blog.

    The poor of RBSA are being collectivley punished because of one man's ego.

    If the people of his kehilla don't have the guts to stand up for what is right then shame on them. i will "dan l'chaf zchut" that they simply don't know the tactics that their rav is using.

    And that, Rafi, is why you sshould write a post.

  2. I saw a nice big sign for LA in Beis Tefila
    this week.
    No appeals in shul...
    this is far from the only shul to say no.
    Most people give privately anyway.
    Kupa also helps the poor too.
    As to posting a comment about this everywhere...
    Enough Already....

  3. Am I the only one who thought that Anonymous's post should have ended with "Burma Shave"?


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