Sep 14, 2009

Tidbits from around Jerusalem

Here are a couple of Jewish news tidbits I don't really want to write about, but you don't really want to miss.... so I am just going to point them out...

  1. The guys who fight for tzniyus in Mea She'arim have developed a new weapon in their arsenal. They are pouring petel, or bug juice syrup, on the benches so people cannot sit down and congregate, boys and girls, groups of girls, etc. I guess it is better than throwing bleach in people's faces...
  2. 18 Belzer Hassidim got stuck in the elevator before shabbos in Belz... yeah, it sounds like the opening line of a joke, and the imagery produced does elicit a chuckle... The comments are pretty good even though there are just a few...
  3. It seems like there is some haredi takeover going on in bet Hakerem as well. I am not really sure what is going on, but this article says that haredim have started going around the neighborhood trying to get women to dress more modestly. I found particularly interesting where it says that one woman answered the door, knowing that the haredim were doing this, in her underwear. She says they ran off when she opened the door... The article ends off with a quote from a local saying they already know that within a few years there will be only a few secular families left in the area..


  1. it was the husband who answered the door in his underwear. somehow, not as funny...

  2. you're right. my bad. that is because it was haredi women going around.

  3. How do haredim afford beit hakerem?

  4. in out dati leumi neighborhood, people also didn't want the benches that would attract loud/smoking teenagers at night.
    Of course, nobody resorted to vandalism.

  5. jerry,
    perhaps they squeeze money out of their poor father in law in exchange for the shidduch.
    If you think I'm joking ask the next charedi who knocks on your door begging.

  6. While we're on the issue of tidbits that you don't want to write about perhaps you should bring up the continued boycott of Lema'an Achai by a rav/shul in RBSA.

    Rafi, I know that you are connected to this rav and hence are sensitive but the time has come to be vocal on your blog.

    The poor of RBSA are being collectivley punished because of one man's ego.

    If the people of his kehilla don't have the guts to stand up for what is right then shame on them. I will "dan l'chaf zchut" that they simply don't know the tactics that their rav is using.

    And that, Rafi, is why you should write a post.

    You are a good man and should not let this be swept under the carpet.

  7. I actually did the same thing, sort of.

    The stupid jehovaas wackos ladies used to come to my door every shabbos morning while I was getting ready to leave for shul.

    So I wrapped a towel around my waist and answered the door dressed as if I was getting in the shower.

    When they offered to "educate me" I invited them to join me in the shower!

    For some reason that was my last visit from them.


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