Sep 29, 2009

The worst part of DST

The worst part of "changing the clock" and not using Daylight Savings Time any longer?

Coming home from work at a normal hour and still having the feeling that it is the middle of the night because it is so dark.


  1. Or waking up too early because you're used to getting up early for slikhot and the sun is shining bright outside way before 6am.

  2. also an annoyance, but the amount of light out early before I awaken in the AM bothers me less. Actually it is even better for me. I can now run earlier in the AM and not have to worry about it being dangerous because of darkness....

  3. I hate changing the clock when it's so warm out still - no time for the park in the late afternoon!

  4. My biggest problem is missing my conference calls with people in the US. I am so used to figuring either a 7 or 10 (CA) hour time difference that it is automatic. Now that we switched and it is only 6 and 9 I always miss a call or 2 because I figured a 7 hour time difference.

  5. My toddler often gets up at 5:30... thanks to the time change, he's ready to start his day at 4:30.


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