Sep 24, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

50% of the problems in the city: shalom bayis, educational issues, etc., the source for [the problems] is the internet. There is a hidden fire in the city. An atom bomb is waiting under the city. There are people who have in their houses explosive materials. This is the war of this generation.

----- Rav Tzvi Braverman, a rav in Beitar Ilit, regarding the reason he is formulating a plan to eradicate internet from all homes in Beitar Ilit.

Mayor Meier Rubinstein has sent a message to Rav Braverman that he would ensure that all computers used in City Hall would be connected to the Internet only through the "Kosher Internet" system.


  1. Perhaps one test of this statement is to measure current problems in the city with those of a similar population 20 years ago.
    Joel Rich

  2. This is a democracy. Is he going to ban dirty or heretic books, the radio, and TVs?

  3. yes because without internet, there were never any problems ever. :/ I'm sorry, but it's statements like these that make me think of radical charediism as a cult and in no way related to legitimate judaism.

  4. According to VIN, it's been announced already:

    And another brave step is taken right into the 18th century.

  5. The ban is against unfiltered internet, for non-livelihood reasons. In Beitar Ilit, a completely shomer-Shabbos city, with 99% chareidi population, isn't that inherently reasonable? Why do people pay tens of thousands of dollars more for their apartments to live in a frum neighborhood if not to protect themselves and their children from negative influences?


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