Sep 29, 2009

Sinning Season? Not yet!!

Now that Yom Kippur is behind us, I love that the Mishna Brura says that it is still not sinning season until after Sukkot.

He says that because we are so busy with putting up the sukka, buying the Lulav and Esrog, and holiday preparations, nobody has time to sin until later.

Even though I never understood that - how long does it take to sin? - I love that statement that we have not yet had time to sin. There is something encouraging about it


  1. titties.

    haha made you sin.

    ooooh, that was fun :)

    hope you had an easy fast, a meaningful possibly even happy Yom Kippur. Love and Blessings!

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  3. Its easy to sin now -- just use a Shabbat Elevator...

  4. or donate to Lemaan Achai... i hear that's been declared a sin round here..

  5. anon - it is no longer a sin. Erev Yom Kippur was a time of forgiveness, Lemaan Achai/David Morris took a big step towards reconciliation by sending a public email to the Bet Shemesh lists on the issue, and I am told that rabbi Malinowitz has accepted that and is ok with LA.

  6. so will rav malinowitz stand in the pulpit and equally publicly encourage his congregants to donate to LA now that the cherem is over?

  7. I dont know, but I doubt it. I don't know that he will or should, considering he never got up and said not to give to Lemaan Achai or that there will be no collecting for LA in BTYA. It was all kept very quiet, so perhaps the release will also be done quietly, and word will be passed to those whop spread it...

    I would think that the gabbai in shull will announce something like "donations to Kupa shel RBS can be given to x and to Lemaan Achai to be given to y" and by saying that, it will be "public"

  8. J@tM,

    So relying on someone that you don't hold by is now a sin?

    There's also the minority view that the halacha of not having time to sin does not apply to those who have time to blog. (Even according to the most machmir, this does not apply to posting comments. If you read some comments and consider how long they took to compose and proofread, you'll understand why.)

  9. There's also the minority view that the halacha of not having time to sin does not apply to those who have time to blog.

    Yoni: If I have time to comment and blog, I'm "mitasek"...and therefore don't have time to sin.

    Although, posting and commenting without proofreading is definitely sinful

  10. J@tM,

    Sorry about the elevaor jibe. I was travelling, and only later found out about the latest psak.


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