Sep 17, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

The new police academy will greatly benefit Beit Shemesh.

---- Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu)

oy vey. with all those police training in the area of Bet Shemesh, does that mean we will have to suffer more random police stops on the road for security checks, more tickets, etc.?


  1. There is no excuse for breaking the law. People have this attitude of not talking on the phone, or having the seat belt on only when the police are nearby. The law is there to protect us, so I'd be quite happy to see more police on the roads. Who know, there might even be less accidents, like the terrible one on Route 38. I know one request, I'd tell the police - put more police on the streets of RBS, five minutes after Shabbat siren starts, to stop those reckless drivers whizzing off at fast speeds to Shul or wherever.
    Shana tova!!

  2. More security. Oh, the horror!

  3. Smullen - I agree with you in general. But we all know that often enough the police are just out there making things more difficult.

    When was the last time you were in a rush and pulled over for a random check that you said thank god we have so many police on the road to protect us in this way. And when they just park on a corner and stop people in speed/stop traps. Sure the people should be stopping without the police, but nobody appreciates being used as a "kaspomat" by the police.

    So we already have it, but do we have to be happy with the possibility that we might have a lot more bored police roaming the streets of Bet shemesh looking for things to do and for tickets they can possibly give?

  4. As both my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who work in the police will be with us over the weekend, I'm going to ask them about this, if they in fact are just waiting to catch people doing something wrong.
    I want to say again, the way I see people driving, double parking, not signalling, and over speeding, they deserve the full weight of the law on them. Otherwise it is innocents who suffer. It's jsut not fair on law biding people.

  5. ask them if they ever have a quota of tickets they need to give out in a month or anythgin like that. (maybe they are not traffic cops so they dont know).

    one difference between police in Israel and in the US is that in the US they portray an image of being the citizens friend - if you ever need anything nobody would hesitate to go over to a policeman to ask for help and assistance. The kids grow up with no fear of the police.

    here in Israel, police are generally looked at in contempt and even fear. Most people would not approach a policeman if he needed directions or assistance - people here are generally afraid of the police.


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