Sep 24, 2009

Rav Amnon Yitzchak vs. Neturei Karta debate (video)


  1. I didn't realize you were against hitgarut be-amim (the part of the NK guy's case that R Yitzchak agreed with).

  2. It sent shivers down my spine to hear and see this monster. I am surprised this tratior rosha gamur wasn't lynched right there and then. H' yiracheim.

  3. "kol haposel, b'mumo posel" and these guys + satmar and many eida Chareidis nutjobs bandy the erev rav psul around quite a bit.

    it is a pretty big coup though for the erev rav to parade around as the most 'frum' jews though. who woulda thunk.

  4. garfield - I wonder why and how that happens. Why do such people get the rep as the frummest? do we simply look at the people who are most exclusive of others as being frummer? not just neturei kartaniks, but also Eidah, and gerrer hassidim, and then keep goign down the chain in order.

    To me it looks like that. The mroe you exclude others, the more frum your rep becomes...

  5. Neturei Karta explains itself ...

    Organ Harvesting and Jewish False Flags Nekurtei Karta

    Neturei Karta Rabbi Al Quds Day London Demo Sept 2009

    Homosexuality in our society and Judaism, Neturei Karta

    Neturei Karta on Hamas, Nasrallah and Ahmadinijad

  6. The video ends just before it got interesting. Seconds later, a fight broke out and the police were called in to break it up.

  7. cool. were you there? is there another video?


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