Sep 8, 2009

Interesting Posts #70

1. me-ander is hosting the JPix carnival. I have not linked to this in a while, but it is always interesting to see the images from jblogs...

2. The Yeshiva Guys explain what Thursday nights are like in yeshiva...with cholent.

3. Parshablog considers and analyzes whether the bar yochni is the ostrich.

4. Mystical Paths has a nice hashgocho pratis story form the kotel.

5. Y Karp explains placebo buttons.

6. Bad4Shidduchim is already on her way with NBN. She has a few posts up already about her trip (I think she landed this morning..).

7. Artzeinu has the story of an Israeli professor using the Talmud to explain mathematics.

8. Yaak talks about Rav Ovadia Yosef's comment about mashiach being sefardic..

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