Sep 10, 2009

Prison Break Pashkevil

This pashkevil is on behalf of the Burqa Lady from RBS B. They say the family is being destroyed.
I don't know what exactly they want people to do... It does not say to donate money for her legal counsel. It does not say to go do chessed and help out with the kids. It says whoever can help get her out of jail should act. Does that mean they want people to plan a prison break? What exactly are the Eidah rabbonim calling for with this pronouncement?


  1. Rafi, is she allowed to wear her burka in prison?

  2. How naive are these "rabbis"?
    The family is already destroyed. The best thing for this kids is to be away from their parents.

  3. Hrmm...

    If someone got her out of jail in a horizontal box, do you think they'd be appreciative?

  4. Maybe they hope some people will start burning tires.

  5. w/o scofield they don't have a chance.

  6. i saw this today and thought itwas abiout the hungerer.

    if these guys are defending burky, it says a lot about there defense of the hungerer.

    what complete kooks.

  7. there are real, sincere names of people behind these things? (besides those getting kickbacks for "kosher" cell phones)


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