Sep 16, 2009

Go back to Uganda

Yesterday there was a ridiculous hafgana. Orot is bulding a school on property designated for them by the [previous] Iryah.
The protesters, the "kannoim" of the area, want that property for themselves so they can build their institutions on it.
As the tractor got to work, the kannoim came down and chased him away. The police came and calmed everything down. See the Haredim website for details of what happened (I do not know how accurate those details are).

The argument is silly. They say they deserve the land and not the DL because it is in the heart of a haredi neighborhood and is just a provocation to put a DL school there.

The plot is adjacent to a haredi neighborhood (of 3 buildings), and it is also adjacent to a DL neighborhood. Any claim to it being "in the heart of" is simply a lie. You can drive down the road and see the plot right off the main street and see where it is and what it is next to.

A friend of mine told me last night that he went over there during the hafgana and was taking a few pictures. Some of the protesters screamed at him "Get out of here! Go back to Uganda!". I thought that was funny.


  1. unfounatelly tere is no poinnt in being logical here with irrational people. much like with the goldstone report.

    you will just have dig in and fight hard to keep what is obviously rightlfully yours.

  2. They really need to hire a professional marketing firm, that handles slogan writing. In North America there are a few firms that have been in the spotlight recently for cleaning up the image of some serious high profile indiscretions.

    When they were rioting in Bet over the summer, on a Tuesday morning they were yelling "Shaabbbeees"


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