Jan 13, 2010

Baracha should go

MK Mohhamed Baracha has requested being on the delegation, as the representative of the Arab parties, in the trip to Auschwitz this year. He was quoted as saying that the Holocaust was the worst thing that ever happened to humanity and it is important to become more aware of what took place. He also pointed out that 6 million Jews were killed, but it was not limited to Jews. Overall 50 million were killed by the evil Nazis.

As you can see in the quote excerpted in the previous post, some on the right wing are against someone like Baracha being part of the delegation.

I see this as having two possibilities of potential outcomes, and what his intentions might be.

It could very well be, as he claims, all innocent. Perhaps he really wants to get a deeper understanding of what happened in the Holocaust. if this is the case, I see it as a positive opportunity for education.

It is possible though that he has ulterior motives. He might want to be part of this so that later he can use it in his attacks against Israel, claiming things didnt happen or saying how they are exaggerated in the trips to Poland, or other ways.

I don't know how to decide whether his intentions are pure or less pure, but I hope that the experience of him going will have an effect on him and even if his intentions were not really pure, it will bring out some of the humanity within.

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