Jan 18, 2010

Secular try to rally Harediot against Haredim

In a new campaign, an organization is trying to get haredi women to call in, anonymously I presume, and "report" incidents in which they felt discriminated against, mostly on the buses but also in any other place - shuls, kotel, mikvas, etc. (source: NRG, Ynet, Kikar)

What they don't get is that no matter how opposed a haredi person is to such things like mehadrin buses, and I think most "normal", moderate, haredim are (not including the Mea Shearim type and some hassidic groups) against the mehadrin buses (no scientific research to back this assumption, just based on my perception of articles read and forums participated in), they will generally not participate in such a campaign.

There might be a few exceptions, and a few women who will call the hotline and "report" incidents, but the overwhelming majority will not.

Haredim will not take part in a secular, or Reform movement, attack against haredim, even if they too are opposed to the subject of the attack and technically on the same side as the secular. haredim keep the fight in the community and consider it abhorrent to join forces like that. They will swallow their pride and prefer to remain submissive and discriminated against, rather than participate in a fight on the side of the secular against haredim.

So I hope they are not expecting much of a response, and not basing their position on the idea that so many women will call their hotline as proof of discrimination.


  1. Let's hope you're wrong. The success of such a campaign, besides the obvious (i.e., that it will give a voice to those who are shouted down by those with power on the chareidi street), is that it will demonstrate to chilonim that communication is possible with chareidim.

    Unfortunately, the reverse lesson (i.e., chareidim learning that it is possible to talk to chilonim) will most likely be opposed by a vocal group of chareidim who will use it as an example of what can go wrong when you talk to chilonim.

  2. I'm still waiting for a group effort to phone in false accusations to the Tzniyus hotline in Bnei Brak.

    See Vaad HaTzniyus pashkevilim in Bnei Brak - January 11

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