Jan 31, 2010

Strong wind to commemeorate Splitting of the Sea

The weather we have been having has been totally insane. This shabbos was unusually warm, but extremely overcast. the air was full of dust. It drizzled a bit, but it mostly felt like the sky was sweating and some drops of perspiration fell out of it.

Even more so was the strong winds that prevailed for much of shabbos. They were so strong they even blew the [aluminum] roof off of a school building/caravan. I guess it was fitting for the parsha that discusses a strong wind blowing all night in preparation for the Kriyas Yam Suf..


  1. Does the parsha say anything about a layer of dust left on the windshields of the Egyptian chariots?

  2. dont think so but maybe because th dust was washed away when the chariots went through the car wash of the Yam Suf immediately after....


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