Jan 19, 2010

Housing Crisis on the way out

In a move that is pretty similar to what was described and discussed as a viable option in the comments earlier today, the Council for National Construction today voted and approved the establishment of a new city in the Negev, near Arad.

The city, Kasif, will be designed for Haredim, and the construction will be appropriate for this community. They approved 10,000 units for a minimum of 50,000 people. They also approved a higher percentage of public buildings, as is needed in haredi communities, for more shuls and schools than the average city has.

The Nature Protection Society had voted against and says it is a bad idea as it will destroy the local environment, it uses up valuable free and open space, and many towns in other parts of the Negev are far from completely maximized, and they should be filled up before building new cities.

10,000 housing units is a large amount and can make a serious dent in the housing crisis.

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