Jan 21, 2010

One smart cookie

Tzipi Livni is fighting for her political career. She has so far failed to bring any success to kadima, despite having two opportunities to try to form a government. For some reason unkown to anybody (except maybe to some inside Kadima), there is almost nobody in Kadima willing to stand up to her. They let her rule with an iron fist and vote sheepishly to let her continue in her losing ways.
The only one to stand up to her is Shaul Mofaz. Yet, despite his attempts to push her out, he has been unable to rally the troops. I don't know if that says more about her level of control or more of his lack of charisma and ability to lead.

Regardless, Kadima is having a session today, and will discuss the possibility of holding a primaries election to decide the leader of the party.

Livni supposedly had toyed with the idea of supporting early primaries, though not immediate, as a way of relieving the tension in the party. She has since decided to oppose early primaries, as she had until now. Livni said "The motivation behind those who insist on early primaries is only to push me out".

Wow. Livni is one smart cookie. What else did she think the reason might be?


  1. Did it ever occur to her that early elections would only push her out if a majority of the party already wants her out?


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