Jan 19, 2010

Livni - put your money where your mouth is

Tzipi Livni has made a bombastic statement today about her recent diplomatic snafu with the UK in which an arrest warrant was issued against her for her role in Operation Cast Lead.

Livni said that she would be happy to go to England and get arrested. She would use her trial to defend Israel and explain Israel's position and why the Gaza War was justified, and that she would be happy to be the test case on this issue.

I will note that Livni is a big talker but I don't see her running to England to put her money where her mouth is. At the time, it was a big embarrassment - to the UK, Israel and Livni personally - and now that she is not traveling to the UK it seems she is very willing to volunteer to be arrested.

Right. Sure.

[note: the arrest warrant had been rescinded, so unless a new warrant would be issued she has nothing to worry about anyway]

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