Jan 28, 2010

El Al's latest advertisement

The Jewish mind knows how to take advantage of every situation. This is El Al's latest ad... in the post-"tefillin bomber" era

(Hat Tip: INN)


  1. No way. This has got to be a (Photoshopped) joke.

  2. Vaad Kupat Tik Shel TfillinJanuary 29, 2010 10:46 AM

    Emergency Tfillin Campaign

    1,234 pairs of tfillin are now on board planes somewhere in the world

    213 and 1/2 may be taken away by flight crew or TSA

    Please donate now!

  3. Arutz Sheva/Israel National News sucks! The headline screams that it's a real ad. The article says that it's a real ad. Then they cite someone (their only source of anything in the whole article) who says it's most likely a fake. Makes one wonder if someone at A7/INN didn't just get a cute email and pass it off as "news".

    Their level of journalism is somewhere around that of a 10th grader. How do they manage to stay in business?


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