Jan 19, 2010

Livni offers to be arrested (video)

Here is the original CNN interview with Tzipi Livni in which she offers to be arrested. Most citizens say that once she is offering, we fully support her in her next trip to England in her quest to be arrested...


  1. In Livni's defense:
    Christiane Amanpour is incredibly biased against Israel. Her style of questioning is overly aggressive, rude, and blatantly hostile. She is the farthest thing from an "objective journalist" that I have ever seen.
    Livni's biggest mistake in this interview is that she was too polite to this fire-breathing witch. She should not have cut her answers short every time that Amanpour interrupted her, and she should have objected to the incredibly biased nature of Amanpour's questions and commentary.

  2. i was surprised by how anti-religious livni was.


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