Jan 10, 2010

What more do they want from us?

Whoa! So George Mitchell throws another wrench at Israel, saying the US might consider withdrawing loan guarantees in order to pressure Israel to make more concessions.

When do they start pressuring the Palestinians to sit down and talk? Is freezing construction for 10 months, with nothing in return - just to get talks started - not enough? Is the announcement of support for 2 states side by side not enough? What more do they want from Israel - just to get talks started? Do we have to commit to '67 borders, return of refugees and more, in advance, just to get talks started?

What have the Palestinians done to get things moving, other than make their positions more stringent?


  1. They should tell George Mitchell where he can stick his loan guarantees.

  2. Every time the US try to pressure Israel to do something which is against them, Hashem shows them who is boss.
    They recently froze building, now the US and most parts of Europe are frozen.
    They threaten them with bonds, you will start to see the US default or at least put on watch as England has with their debt.
    What I do, I trade on these facts.
    Long oil,ng,gold and real estate.
    (I trade for a living).

  3. What do "they" want from us?

    They probably want us to go back to behaving like Jews are supposed to behave. For example being quiet while marching into the gas chamber.


  4. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1263147861018&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

    This article puts it in context - don't panic!

  5. in other words, Mitchell was only saying this is something they CAN do. He's not saying this is what they are planning to do right now.

    In terms of what they want from us, who's the "they?" I think the US just wants the bragging rights (and President's legacy) that they brought peace the Middle East. Looks great on a resume for past-presidents seeking employment. The Moslems want us to agree to the '67 borders as a pre-requisite to talks, and in final negotiations to get us to agree to line up and shoot ourselves.

  6. true, but just mentioning such an option is a perceived, and implied, threat.
    It was said for a reason. the threat was not explicit, but it is there.


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