Jan 26, 2010

RBS community wide Oneg this Shabbos

The RBS Torah Achdus group has put together a very special program for this Shabbos - Shabbos Shira-Tu B'Shvat.

Here is the notice they sent out...

Please join us for a very special Friday Night Oneg Tish this week, Parshas Beshalach, in honor of Tu B'Shvat and Shabbos Shirah. Come and share in a unique opportunity of community achdus through Divrei Torah, singing & food.

This oneg has the endorsement and participation of almost every "Anglo" tzibbur in the area. They include (in alphabetical order):

Aish Kodesh
Ahavas Shalom
Ahavat Tzion
Beis Tefillah
Chabad of Dolev
Kehillas HaGra
Kol Berama
Menorat HaMaor
Ohr Shalom (Soloveichik)
Shivtei Yeshurun

We are expecting each Rav (who is in town for this shabbos) to appear and share a short Torah insight.

Please join us!

Friday night, Parshas Beshalach
Starting at 8:30pm
Beis Tefillah Simcha Hall

This event is for men. Please do not bring young children. Thank you.


“RBS Torah” was launched a year ago to help build the achdus in the anglo community of RBS.

Sine RBS Torah was launched;

1. They have had 5 joint-shiurim throughout the year featuring different rabbonim speaking together, at “the same pulpit” – this exposes different kehillos to different rabbonim they would otherwise not hear, and even the rabbonim appreciate meeting other rabbonim!

2. They put out 2 “choveros”/pamphlets on divrei torah, with contributions from the different kehilos

3. This event is intended to do more of the same – build the feeling of unity between the shuls, expose people to the different rabbonim, and just have an uplifting evening of ruach, eating and achdus!


This event is funded by sponsors. If you wish to help this event succeed, or help get others off the ground, contact rbstorah@gmail.com


  1. Kol Hakavod to RBS Torah. What a great initiative!

    Now if we could just get the Rabbonim to respect people not of their "schnit" (as the Torah dictates) we'd really be making progress.

  2. Please list the rabbis who have spoken and at which shuls. Are the more "right" shuls hosting the more "left" rabbis, or is only the shuls more to the "left" who have been hosting the "right" rabbis? If only the leftie shuls are welcoming the rightie rabbis, then this whole initiative is a joke.

  3. Before I go to such an event I would like to know if I am going to hear ächdus Torah" from rabbonim who spread sinas chinam.

    Are we going to listen to rabbonim who put sterling tzedaka organizations in cherem?

    Are we going to hear from those who pasul mikvaos and malls?

    If so the whole thing isn't just a joke..it is a chilul HaShem.


    How can we associate ourselvs with this so called Soloveichik Shul. What MAKIUM TOYREH would alow this Prof.?Mr. Solove..(bizoyin to finish his name) to be recognised as a ben torah. He should take himself adn his JB/Acher father out of RBS for ever. ACHH a bizoyin

  5. Emes,

    Your postings would be a comic relief if there weren't so many fools in RBSA who really think that way.

  6. Living in RBS is a part of Israel, so I would like to hear a bit more on achduT rather than achduS, and a bit less sinaT chinam.
    I cannot understand the logic in banning this for women. If the idea is for achdus/t, then why ban women, even behind the mechitza. I don't like it so I'll go to my Shul on Friday night Oneg Shabbat where ALL are welcome.

  7. Shabbat HaYom La"ShemJanuary 27, 2010 10:18 AM


    I agree. Not to mention the fact that Lail Shabbat is the one of the only opportunities during the week that I have quality family time.
    Why waste it on a facade of achdut?


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