Jan 20, 2010

Mrs. Miluim will get 3 hours a day vacation

A new law has been proposed that would allow women whose husbands are away on miluim to take off from work for up to 3 hours a day.

the law would make her 3 hour daily vacation unpaid for the first 8 days of her husbands miluim. The benefit to her is that despite the no pay she can still take the time off to take care of her kids or other needs and her job is protected. After the first 8 days, from Day 9 until 28, her 3 hour daily vacation will be paid.

The Marker says that the law has no opposition, and Bituach Leumi who will have to be the one shelling out the money is ok with it, so it is expected to pass.

It is tough on women whose husbands are away on miluim. It is even more difficult when they work, as they have even less time to take care of the household needs with the husband away and the second set of hands missing.

It is a good law that benefits people who give of themselves for the State. At first I thought maybe it seems unfair to move her burden on to her employer, as now he has employees who will be missing, which means work will be left undone. but in a country like ours, where we are all in the same boat and miluim is something that affects everybody, it is normal that the burden be shared, and it is Bituach leumi paying, not the employer. I think the employer sharing the burden in this way is less of a problem than the benefit gained of Mrs. Miluim getting some time off to take care of her needs.

Plus, with the husband knowing that his wife is helped out in this way, perhaps it will be easier for men to agree to go on miluim, as they will know their wives are a bit more taken care of than they used to be.


  1. At first I thought maybe it seems unfair to move her burden on to her employer

    It seems no less fair than the situation is to the employer of the husband.

  2. does that mean the first 8 days of a miluim stint or of a yearly miluim? that is to say, let's say miluim is broken up into three 9-day increments, who will foot the bill for the 2nd two stints?

  3. good question. the article didnt specify. I imagine those details will be worked out as the law is completed and passed. If I hear updates I'll let you know

  4. Its about time. My wife used to pretty much suffer during my frequent and long times away in miluim. Bad enough a woman has to worry about the kids, errands, emergencies, and whether her husband will come home dead or alive. At the very least there should have always been this mechanism to cut her some slack and relieve a bit of the stressors.

    Good law. I'm glad to see it.

  5. It might help, if it doesn't mean that women whose husbands don't serve in miluim will be favored over those who do.

    This would have made our lives SO much easier, as olim with no family in the country.


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