Jan 17, 2010

Interesting Posts #126

1.Yeranen Yaakov says Hatzalah is finally coming to Chicago. Check it out if you can help or volunteer...

2. Gidon on different types of atzmai work in Israel

3. A Mother in Israel discusses the shidduch crisis in the Religious Zionist world, the 5th part in her dating and marriage series..

4. Esser Agaroth notes that no apology has been issued to the young man, a grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane hy"d, falsely arrested, and quickly released, for setting a mosque on fire.

5. IsraellyCool has a piece on the IDF in Haiti..

6. Israelity has the story of a guy from Australia who ran the Tiberias Marathon, and he is on a quest to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Good luck crazy man!

7. Not Brisker Yeshivish has a piece putting the crazy video from Melbourne of a couple nutcase chabadniks eating on 10 Teves celebrating mashiach into context...

8. Tzedek-Tzedek on various recent cases of child abuse

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